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Krazy Beaver Shovel (Black Handle/Red Head factory second)

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Our loss your gain! 

We have a limited number of shovels in which the powder coating did not fully obtain fully adhesion.  The issue is at the back of the collar when it was crimped on.  For that reason the powder lifted.  If you are looking to put the shovel to use and don't care about the cosmetics this maybe just the ticket. 

If you aren't afraid to do a little sanding to make it more cosmetically pleasing now is the time to buy because this does not happen very often.  There may also be small scratches where the heads were moved around during manufacturing but nothing major.

Why the huge price difference.  These shovels were built prior to the component price increase/inflation and have been in storage.  We will slowly be releasing these as we get them from storage.  Once they’re out they’re out!

Pictures can be seen below.  Free shipping in the lower 48 states and will promptly ship.


KRAZY BEAVER™ SUPER SHOVEL  Price Includes Free Shipping!!!!

Note, the modular 3 piece design was discontinued January 2015) 

     The “Krazy Beaver Super Shovel” is an All American Made Product.  

Currently the shovel is available in one size at this time.

  • Measures 40 inches Total length.  Excellent for Camping, Hunting and Off-Road use. 

The Head:  

  • Manufactured using Heavy Duty 13 gauge heat treated tempered steel.  Twice as thick as  a normal residential shovel.
  • Reinforced teeth to prevent bending and breaking.
  • Powder coated both inside and out from the head to handle area to prevent rust.    
  • The “Krazy Beaver Super Shovel” can be used for regular digging and in extreme situations can be used to assist in penetrating Ice and Clay.  The “Krazy Beaver Super Shovel” is only available in red at this time.
  • Measures 11 1/2” Height X 8 1/2 wide.

The Handle:  

  • Made of lightweight but extremely strong fiberglass  
  • Black Handle (Graphite in color)
  • The head to handle connection has a permanently mounted solid 14” fiberglass reinforcing core to withstand breakage during the most extreme circumstances.  
  • At the end of the handle under the “D-Grip”, there is a hollow section that can be used for storage of emergency items such as matches, flint, hooks, fishing line, batteries, etc…

The D-Grip:

  • Made of solid Polymer.  
  • There is no soft rubber on these grips.  The reason for the use of the solid Polymer is because soft rubber overtime begins to break down and becomes sticky.  

The Lock Pins:

     These Tab Lock Pins are awesome!  Unlike regular PTO or quick release pins, you can actually use gloves.  The “Tab” makes it easy to attach or remove from the shovel.  In addition to being easy to use, these pins are easy to find when accidentally dropped in the sand or mud, unlike a two piece pin that has a separate pin and wire.


Warning:  This product can expose you styrene, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to