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Gloves, Krazy Beaver Off-road Gloves (Free shipping in lower US)

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We are proud to announce Krazy Beaver Gloves!  Over the years we have used different types of gloves.  Everything from cloth gloves to leather.  One thing that always stood out was in either case the gloves fit loose and were not an extension of our hand.  During the last four years we have been testing similar glove and have used them from every day jobs around the property to running winch lines and manipulating rifles.  The last one, running an urban rifle, is the one that sold us on the gloves.  We spent a week running through and urban rifle class running manipulations with a similar set of gloves and we were sold!  

About the gloves,  They are made from a material that fits snug around the hand and fingers. The print pattern of the glove is died into the material so it wont come off.  The fingers have an off-road tread pattern that is made of a silicon that helps you grab hold of items.  The area between the thumb and index finger is made of leather to limit wear and tear.  

So regardless of your use Krazy Beaver has your covered!  MORE PICTURES TO COME.

Please refer to the chart to see all options.  These glove do fit snug so if you're on the line of whether to get a larger or XL go to the XL.

The gloves have a no return policy.